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(7th July 2020)?

The Management Committee of the Southern Electric Group has been in regular electronic contact during the present emergency in order to review and maintain services to members and the heritage rolling stock under the care of our associated companies.

As it appears unlikely that meetings will be permitted for the rest of this year the committee discussed via email a number of alternative proposals and has agreed that:

The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is postponed and will not now take place this year.? Instead it will form the first part of the 2021 meeting? In reaching this decision the committee took note of the age group of many members plus the current travel advice especially for those who are older and who may have health conditions which could make travel and meeting unwise.? Also noted was the potential for some form of travel and meeting restrictions to remain in place throughout this year.

A full statement to members will appear in “Live Rail” which is due to arrive during August and via email to those members who have allowed us to do so.

Please direct any general enquiries to enquiries@southernelectric.org.uk

Rick Squirrell – General Secretary

Chris Roffey – Chairman

Southern Electric Group


Welcome to the Southern Electric Group Website.

The Southern Electric Group is the only group covering all aspects of the Southern Electric System past, present and future.

In April 1969 the letters page of Railway Magazine contained a letter suggesting that the historic rolling stock steadily disappearing on the Southern should be preserved for posterity. An initial meeting was organised. On 20th May 1970 the Southern Electric Group was officially founded. The group currently has about 500 members

Unlike many other preservation societies, the Group committee recognised immediately that it had a dual aim in life. Not only was preservation a clear aim but it was also considered important to reflect the current railway scene, initially through recording the workings of the stock which might be of preservation interest but also of other Southern Region activities. To report these events the Group started a magazine Live Rail? which initially appeared quarterly but is now published bi-monthly. Live Rail provides updates on rolling stock changes, and gives a commentary on the Southern’s operations, past, present and future. It contains articles and features and aims to be an interesting and comprehensive publication.

444 040. Photograph by Ashley Barras


The Southern Electric Group is recognised as the leading organisation for devotees of the UK “Southern Electric” system and is an authoritative source on the?“Southern Electric” dc network.

For details of the benefits of joining The Southern Electric Group click here or look at the Join us page.


We welcome contributions of pictures and information about the past or present scene and preservation updates on Southern Electric units. Please email them to?webmaster@southernelectric.org.uk



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